Sunday, 6 December 2009

My new passion in life- suede boots!

Ok so this season I have fallen in love with the long jumper/thick tights/ suede boots look. I like the look of both ankle boots and
Knee boots but I am still in the process of searching for the
Latter. I got these beauties from Topshop for £70 and I adore them.

Admittedly, I have never been a le to walk in heels very well. I start pleading for dear life after an hour of wearing anything with more than 2.5 inches- pathetic eh? Well my mission is to finally be able to walk in heels and be...dare I say... "Comfortable"? So I will be wearing these babies every day! I lasted a couple of hours of walking around London today. My
Breaking point was after an hour of constant walking!


  1. love that boots!..i definitely understand you. it takes alot of practice to walk in heels. i admire girls who can walk in their YSL pumps effortless while i struggle with my 3 inches boots :(